Often MISDIAGNOSED as exercise induced asthma!

Most commonly seen in top high school and college athletes!

NO medication is needed in the treatment of VCD!

When it is NOT Exercise Induced Asthma!

  • Often seen in athletes who have recently intensified activity and training and are straining for a high level of achievement.
  • Studies are limited, but show results from 3% – 15% of those given a diagnosis of exercise induced asthma have VCD and no asthma at all.
  • Spurred by anti-doping rules, testing in the 2004 Olympics revealed the number of athletes with VCD accounted for 8% of U.S Olympians overall.
  • The majority of patients with VCD that occurs only during exercise are elite or intense-training athletes.

A speech therapist can teach techniques to control breathing before, during and after an episode.

My Story

Having watched my daughter grow up playing recreational soccer with no breathing problems, I knew her sudden discomfort and “wheezing” when competing at Regional’s and Nationals in track was NOT due to asthma. After just 6 sessions with a speech therapist, my daughter knew how to control her VCD.  She became a 2-time High School Track Outdoor State Finalist and Division 1 student-athlete.

No parent wants to put their child on a steroid, no matter what the dosage is.  I didn’t do it because I had spent months researching VCD.  Although my daughter does not have asthma, it is important to note that ASTHMA and VCD may co-exist.

This website is designed to make your research easier. 

Is it VCD?

Learn the difference between VCD (Vocal Cord Dysfunction) and EIA (Exercise Induced Asthma) and some of the symptoms you may experience.


Laryngoscopy Image: Using sounds to mimic VCD episode, a specialist can determine if an athlete has VCD.

Breathing Exercises

Sample breathing exercise are not a simple fix. Finding a speech pathologist specializing in VCD is strongly recommended.

It is important to note that ASTHMA and VCD may co-exist.

“My lungs are perfectly fine, but I can’t breathe when I push myself in training and competition… I went to the doctor, and he thought it could be asthma, so he prescribed 2 inhalers…”

Learn the Difference

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